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Mike is a New Zealand musician \ composer currently residing in Wellington N.Z..

Mike has mastered a wide range of styles, from Classical and Latin through to Jazz, Rock, and Folk music. He has an Honors Degree (first class) in composition as well as a Bachelor of Music in performance Classical guitar at the NZ School of Music.

Mike’s classical compositions for guitar have been recorded and performed internationally by artists such as:

Christopher Hill

And Matthew Marshall

As a singer songwriter, Mike performs as a solo artist playing classical guitar repertoire as well as his own original compositions.

Mike has been a member of many bands such as:


YoungLife Vanuatu:

Jhan Lindsay and the Chatelains:

Sven Olsens Brutal Canadian Love Saga


Mike is also a prize-winning music and video producer, having won the 2011 Fair Play Youth Voices competition.

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